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Guns in school.
Are guns the Problem?

Guns are often blamed for mass school killings.  The question is; are guns the cause?  Let’s illuminate this idea with truth.  First, remember that juvenile mass murders in the schools have never before happened in 5000 years of human history. So school mass killing are new.  Second, gunpowder has been around for 500 years (since 9th century China) and repeating firearms have been around since 1849 (over 150 years), yet until the late 1970's, never once has a single child committed a multiple homicide in a school.  There were a couple of mass shootings in the 1980's and then in the 1990s it really took off; Pearl High School, Paducah Kentucky, Jonesborough Arkansas, and Columbine Colorado, etc.
      If you think the cause of this is the availability of guns, consider that for 100 years, 1860 to 1960 any kid could buy a rifle, pistol, or shotgun legally and have the mail service bring it right to their front door – yet mass murder in our schools did not happen.
     It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that guns are not the problem, something else is going on, and something that never existed before in our society has begun to influence our children in horrible ways
.  Ask yourself, where are these killers getting the idea that murdering people is both fun and satisfying?  Think about this.

- With thanks to Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman, Bulletproof Mind for the Armed Citizen, lecture series.
We Can Have Safe Schools

Welcome to the Armed Teacher Website, which is packed with links to information about protecting school children from killers.  Whether you are just curious, contemplating what is the right actions our society should take to stop the murders, or are seriously considering carrying a weapon in your classroom, you will find items of interest.  Links to other pages will take you to additional links, so feel free to explore in depth.

Unsure as to where to begin?  If so, we suggest you go to the "Imagine" link at the stop right of this page, and then spend some time learning about Columbine.

We can have safe schools now.  Read the book

Safe Schools Now - Arming America's Teachers

to learn how to best protect our children in school.

Here is the same message from an expert in firearm safety -    Massad Ayoob

Be sure to read the comments below this video when it ends.                       

Back Cover

Back Cover

Safe Schools

Mass Murderers Can be Stopped.

Why do mass murderers go to our schools to kill?   Consider this - all school mass killings tend to have one common factor: they all take place in "gun-free" school zones.  At Columbine High School, the Amish School, the Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Sandy Hook elementary, Robb Elementary, and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school massacres, guns were not allowed by law. Yet the mass murders still happened.  This is because laws only prescribe penalties. Laws have absolutely no power to keep a weapon out of a school.   Crazy killers and terrorists will never obey the law establishing gun-free zones. They will take their machete, pistol, long knife, shotgun, or high–powered rifle into any school they choose. These murderers will kill teachers, administrative personnel, school guards, students, and even elementary school children, and because of these misguided laws there can be no one in the schools able to stop the killing!  

This is insanity.

So then, how do we protect our school children? The only way to stop active shooters in our schools is to allow good guns in schools, controlled by good people. These good people, the armed teachers, will be present and ready to stop a killer with immediate, overwhelming force, greatly reducing the dead and injured. And don't forget, armed teachers are a great deterrent against a massacre even starting.

Peace and safety is needed for efficient student learning to take place. True peace and safety only exist when good, righteous people have the overwhelming power to stop a killer.

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New book available on Amazon - Front Cover


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New book available on Amazon - Back Cover