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This beautiful image is from .   Please see these African Safari Specialists if you are planning to see the Serengeti.

Protecting Something Valuable
on the Plains of the American Serengeti

Come with me on a short thought experiment which will help you see why teachers need to be armed as soon as possible.  Here are two viewpoints.

1.  Suppose we remove all the kids from your schools and instead have each family every day bring their most valuable items and place them on their kid's chair in the classroom.  Money, stocks, bonds, titles, deeds, cash, medicines you may need, coin collections, Visa cards, gold or silver bullion, Master cards, jewelry... all of it stacked in neat piles on each kids desk all throughout the school.  You get to take your valuables home at the end of the day.

 In each classroom we place a four-year, college degreed professional called a "Teacher" to watch over your valuables all day long, five days a week.  On top of this we pass laws prohibiting the teachers from having any weapons to use to protect and guard your valuables (actually, these laws are already in place in most states).  Now we advertise in the local paper and on television that your most valuable possession are in the school classrooms and that there are no weapons in the building, and in most buildings, no police or guards, so that the criminal element and the disturbed know the situation.  Why we will even post signs outside the building to remind the criminals that there can be no resistance to them should they enter and pilfer the valuables.
  And we let it be broadly known what hours during the day the valuables will be in the school.

How long do you think it would be before a couple of punks with pistols and ski masks on went for the goodies?  And after this happens a couple of times, and our politicians do nothing to change the rules, can you see the number of incidents like this increasing.  Think "Gravy Train!"

If you think this is a stupid scenario, that no one in their right mind would ever store their valuables in such an ill-advised, imprudent senseless, irresponsible, reckless foolish, ludicrous, absurd, asinine, moronic manner... then you better go stand in front of a mirror, and while looking at yourself, repeat those descriptive words, for this is exactly what you do every school day.  Only it is worse, because you send to that school the most valuable, precious, irreplaceable item you have, your child, and then you go about your daily activities in total denial of what you have done.

There is a reason why you somehow feel comfortable doing this, and to explain why, let us introduce you to the American Serengeti.

See for beautiful images of The Serengeti National Park, with thanks to Roger & Pat de la Harpe.
Think of the 13,600 school districts spread across the United States  as similar to the great Serengeti Plain in Africa, where powerful predators constantly take their kills from among vast herds of gazelle, wildebeests, zebra, brush buck, and antelope (see above photo).   These predators strike when they want to, and they select whichever hapless creature is to be their next meal.

In America the plain is the 98,800 schools stretched across our land, where over 50 million of our helpless young are forced to attend class without protection from vicious human predators.*  These human predators will choose which school they will strike, when they will strike, and which hapless children will be their victims.

Would you send your child for a six-hour walk, by themselves, across any given section of the African Serengeti Plain without armed guards along? Of course not, because a lion, cheetah, or pack of hyenas could set upon them at any moment and kill them. Why then do you send your children out onto the great American Serengeti Plain of public schools with unarmed teachers and without Real Protection, day after day, month after month, year after year? Where’s the sanity in this practice?

Here is the reason why you feel comfortable with this risky situation; you subconsciously believe that the safety of your child is based on his or her being in among a large number of fellow creatures, just as the individual antelope feels a measure of safety in Africa. That antelope, like you, knows that the predators take a few now and then, at the edge of the herd, in some unknown city, at some distant school, far from you and your loved ones. But you need to think clearly about this. In such a herd you can only take comfort in the fact that someone else’s school got hit, someone else’s child died a bloody, senseless death**, some other school’s hallways got bloodied. Do you put your head down and continue to graze the bittersweet grass of denial, willing to play the odds that the chance your kid will get killed are small, or will you do something to protect your child?  Write your congressmen, write your newspapers, make those phone calls, support the 2nd Amendment, and vote only for those who also support arming our teachers.

With armed and trained teachers, the predator is at risk, not your children, and he will look elsewhere for his victims.

*According to The National Center for Education Statistics, there are about 13,600 public school districts, 98,800 schools, and about 50.1 million students
**  (think Sandy Hook)

Safe Schools Now - Arming America's Teachers
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