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  1. It has been a long, hard struggle in Tallahassee, Florida these last two years with the good guys trying to change Florida law to protect school children. The problem with current law is that it requires schools to be "Gun Free Zones", just like Columbine, Sandy Hook, and all other schools where a crazy punk was allowed several minutes of kill-time with no opposition whatsoever.

    Two years ago the effort was simply to modify the state law to allow teachers and staff to concealed carry in the schools.  This is a simple, very low cost, safe-for-children method of preventing school massacres like the one that happened at Sandy Hook Elementary.  Concealed carry has proven to work well in school districts in Utah, Texas, Arkansas, and other places.  Unfortunately, the anti-gun democrats teamed up to block the passage of the life-saving legislation being guided by Representative Greg Steube.  They did this by insisting that Florida Teachers are not stable enough, not professional enough, to carry a loaded firearm near children.  How? By demanding that the legislation be brought back the next year with the requirement that only teachers and staff with prior police or military service be allowed to carry weapons in the school.

    This might sound good at first, but think about what this stipulation will do in the real world.  A strong part of the protection for kids that arming teachers provides is due to the numbers of people armed. If a school has 40 teachers, and only eight of them have prior police or military service, then 80% of the classrooms will remain unprotected.  This is not acceptable, since teachers are the FIRST RESPONDERS, and when the thug with the gun walks into Miss. Martins kindergarten class to kill five and six year old children, Miss. Martin does not have time to summon police, summon the SRO (if her school even has one), or run down the hall to get the shop teacher whom she knows is armed.  She has to respond in seconds, or she and her kids will die.

    To see how the Democrat and radical social progressives do not think clearly and demean the professional capabilities of women, consider that most elementary schools in Florida are populated by women teachers coming out of teacher colleges.  They are great teachers, but have neither Police nor Military training.  So what the Democrats are demanding to get their buy-in to school concealed carry is that elementary schools have virtually no protection at all!  Considering what happened at Sandy Hook, this is outrageous, and shows a complete lack of respect for women functioning as professionals in our schools.

    So Steube and friends brought the bill back the second year, having made the changes the Democrats asked for.   The Democrats and their fellow opposition-to-Safe-Schools-legislators continued to oppose even their own idea, nit picking it, challenging pieces of it, stalling it with bogus amendments until it died in committee as the session ended. Two more years have gone by, and still our children sit in unsafe schools.  God help us if the Islamic terrorists ever figure this out (Google Beslin School Massacre).

    These people should be voted out of office, for their actions clearly demonstrate that they prefer our schools remain unprotected and available to killers and terrorists to murder and maim unopposed.  Why?  Well, it has been suggested that they want the schools to suffer more mass killings.  Whoa!  You might say that is disrespectful, to accuse American legislators of such evil intent.  Think so?  Well, wake up and smell the history.  We have had school mass killings over and over again since Columbine High School (April 20th, 1999) and the Democrat, extreme, radical, socialist progressive opposition has always responded the same way - they use the crisis to pass new laws prohibiting law-abiding citizen's ownership of certain kinds of weapons or features of weapons, unusually ones not even used in the latest massacre.   It is obvious if one just sniffs a little history that they are playing to the hidden agenda of disarming the American citizen incrementally  (The second amendment prohibits this "infringement", but they do it anyway.)   These disingenuous, constitution-bucking folks say teachers will shoot their own kids, missing the obvious point that any teacher could do that now, and no one in the school could stop them, while in an armed school they could be stopped.  And then they say the schools will be "bathed in blood" if concealed carry is allowed.  Well, this is not what we see in other states, some of which have armed teachers since 2006.  It is obvious to clear thinking folks that these are just sham arguments meant to block progress toward real protection for the kids.

    Columbine was over 14 years ago folks.  Had they passed national laws arming all teachers after Columbine, none of the killing after Columbine would have taken place.  This is why I believe those who oppose arming teachers have blood on their little legislative hands, the blood of all the children, teachers and school staff personnel who have died since Columbine. And unless these narrow-minded hoplophobes can shake off their blinding paradigm, start caring for the children, and get laws allowing armed school teachers passed, their hands will be drenched in more of the blood of our young children when some demented jerk walks into a Florida Elementary School and slaughters a class in front of the helpless teacher.

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