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Only a "Good Gun" can stop a killer in a school.  But by law "good guns" are not allowed.  The result is that a killer in our schools cannot be stopped by the folks (teachers, students) normally found in a school.

Either one of the weapons above could have instantly stopped the killing at Sandy Hook Elementary. The top gun is a .380 and costs less than $300.   Imagine, for $300 or less, one teacher could have saved 21 lives at Sandy Hook, and 17 lives at  Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.  

The "gun free school" laws are a shameful example of the politically-Progressive thinker's anti-gun liberalism run amok. These laws are killing children, not protecting them. 


Who should not carry a gun?      

The school administration and teacher peers should evaluate every member of the school staff and make a determination whether or not that person should carry a weapon in the school.   Most teachers can carry, but some may not. Consider these red flags.

1. Intellectual deficiencies or lack of common sense.

2. Lack of judgment and impulse control.

3. Severe attention deficit disorder.

4. Violent criminal actors, or those who have major anger management issues.

5.  The clinically depressed who are at risk of suicide.

6.  The ignorant, smug, or stupid.

7.  Not willing to do the training.

8.  Hoplophobics.

9.  Unwilling to take a human life if the students are attacked.

10.  Show-offs and braggarts.

11.  Unable to focus and listen to instructions.

12.  A person seeking power over others.

For more explanation of these twelve items, click on "Who should not carry a gun?" by Bruce Eimer.


How can I find the products sold on this website?   Start at the HOME page.   Look for the text link to " Purchase a Book" and click on it. You will be directed to sites selling this book.

Why do we need to arm teachers?  Isn't protecting the students the job of the police? This question is covered in detail in Safe Schools Now, but here is the short answer.  The police cannot protect students because the police are not in the school when shooting starts.  On the average, the police will arrive in about eight minutes.  The students have no protection for those eight minutes.  Shooters typically kill themselves when the police arrive, but by then many students will be dead or injured.  Armed teachers can stop the shooter immediately.


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