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How to arm teachers in a "gun free" school.
You do not have to wait for your state legislature to change the concealed carry laws to allow teachers to arm themselves and carry a weapon in a school.  This is true because most such laws allow police officers to carry in school.  So here is something that Polk County Texas is trying...


Obtain the cooperation of your county sheriff to do the following.

1.  Do a closed survey of all the teachers in the county and determine which teachers are willing to help protect the students in their school at no additional cost to the county.

2. Contact and invite those teachers only to an informal meeting one evening after school is out.

3. Explain to these teachers that the sheriff's department is interested in deputizing special deputies who's sole purpose is to concealed carry a weapon in their school.  There is no additional pay and the volunteers are responsible for equipment, subject to the approval by the sheriff department's staff.  

4. Volunteers who pass background checks and a psycologcal evaluation are then trained in the lawful carry and use of a firearm just as a regular police officer would be trained.  They would recieve ongoing training at a local shooting range until they qualify at the same or higher level than patrol officers.

5. Since state concealed carry laws allow police officers to carry in schools, these volunteers would be sworn in as special deputies, given a pocket badge, and would begin carrying in their schools as they teach.

6. The identity of carrying teachers would be known only by the police deparment, the school Principal, and the school Superintendent. 

7. Such schools would be clearly marked with a sign like the one below.
How to mark a school where teachers are armed.

Safe Schools Now - Arming America's Teachers
A "must read" for every parent, teacher, and school board member!
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