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   The reason the death toll was so high at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. is because the school was a "gun free zone" by state law. Gun free zones are the most dangerous zones you can go into. For example, your post office is a gun free zone, a very risky place to visit. 

News Related to Armed and Unarmed Teachers


Tamaqua Teachers Union Sues over Guns in Schools

The Tamaqua, Pa School Board planned to train some teachers in firearm safety and handling and to have them carry guns in school.  As we know, this was an excellent decision, and would provide real protection for the kids in the Tamaqua school district.

Unfortuately, some of the more poorly informed teachers runnng the teacher's union oppose arming teachers, and even though they cannot provide an alternative protection scheme that provides "real protection", they are taking the school district to court to stop the training and arming of teachers. They claim the board's action was not legal because state law only allows the police to carry firearms in schools.  Authorizing and allowing are two different things, and the school board's decision is in the right direction.

When a mass killing strikes the Tamaqua schools, remember this, that the blood of those students killed and maimed is on the hands of every teacher and politician who worked to stop the arming of the teachers.  God help our kids. 

P.S.  Note the hypocrisy that an armed policeman is "safe" while an armed teacher is "not safe".


February 14, 2018

A shooting occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.   17 were killed and 14 were wounded.
A controversy followed the shooting when it became evident that police did not immediately enter the building to stop the killer. It was also reported that police were watching a video feed that they did not know was delayed by ~ 20 minutes.  The murderer put down his weapons and escaped the school with fleeing students.

see Report

Fox News Report 11/16/2015

Ohio Teachers who have concealed carry permits are allowed to have weapons on the job.

See Report

October 22, 2015  --   New York Times reports "Sweden Stunned as Man Kills 2 and Wounds Others" in a knife attack at a school in Kronogarden.  The subject was shot by police and transported to a hospital where he died. The dead were a teacher (20) and a student (17).  The Times quoted one of the studeents as saying “I was in a classroom with my class when one of my classmates’ sisters called her to warn her that there was a murderer at the school. So we locked the door to the classroom, but our teacher was still outside in the corridor. We wanted to warn him, so a few of us went outside and then I saw the murderer, he was wearing a mask and had a sword. Our teacher got stabbed. The murderer started chasing me. I ran into another classroom. If I had not run, I would have been murdered.”

Note that the assault weapon of choice was not a gun, but that a gun did stop the killing.  Sweden should consider arming their teachers.  If the teachers had been armed, very few people would have been hurt.

School Teacher Stabbed to Death In Great Britain, where citizens have been disarmed by the Government, 4/28/14.

21 stabbed in PA high school.

Click here to listen to Emergency radio traffic from Mass Casualty Incident, Murrysville,  PA school stabbing rampage.
 (Note how long it takes for the first medical support to arrive on scene.)

Teachers are back in their Arkansas classrooms... but without their guns.

Could Armed Teachers Prevent the Next School Shooting?

Suspect apprehended after Report of Shots Fired at Atlanta area School 8/13

Florida Proposal would allow armed teachers 3/27/13

Bill that would allow teachers to carry guns gains traction in Legislature 3/11/14

Note that the bill sited in the above news article will not protect the children because it limits those armed to teachers and staff who have prior military or police service.  Most elementary school teachers have no such service, many of them entering teaching right out of thier college's education training.  Thus many elementary schools will be helpless.  Also, in a school with, for example 30 teachers, if six are armed, then the response time to any given classroom will be the time it take the few armed teachers to leave their classrooms and run to the room where our kids are being murdered.  On any given day that could be 30 seconds to a minute or two for a large campus.  How many can the evil killer shoot before help arrives?   When seconds count, help is only minutes away.

See the short list at Real Protection.


A balanced media report on Arming Teachers

A balanced media report on Arming Teachers

Watch a short video which gives a good cross section of the issue of arming teachers.  Click Here.

Safe Schools Now - Arming America's Teachers
A "must read" for every parent, teacher, and school board member!
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