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This happens over and over again.

Your Teacher's Union May Stand
in the way of Real Protection

Teachers, If you are not careful, your own teachers union may prohibit Real Protection for you and your students.  How?  They will use a pen poisoned with political correctness.  They will do it with the best of intent - in a effort to keep you from harming yourself and your students, they will say.

If you let them, they will add language to your union agreement with your school board that says all teachers must be totally disarmed at all times.  This language will ignor the God given right to self-defense, and will require that in the case of extreme duress and danger you must resist an insane murderer and protect your kids with your bare hands.  You may carry NO WEAPONs, nada, nothing. Forget the baseball bat in the corner, forget the knife in your purse or pocket, forget the yardstick in the chalk tray, forget the pepper spray, and don't even think about something really effective in saving lives, a firearm, that can quickly stop an insane killer who outweighs you by 70 lbs! 

Does this sound loopy to you? Well, you better check your contract.  Here is the exact language found in the school contract with one of the larger counties in Florida.  This is an agreement between the school board and the county Federation of Teachers, a Local unit of the Florida Education Association, AFL-CIO, Inc., American Federation of Teachers, National Education Association. 

     "Teachers shall not carry weapons of any kind, either lethal or non-lethal."  (from Section M - Miscellaneous)

We know the police won't be in your classroom when the evil killer waltzes in, and the School Resource Officer, if your school has one, is likely to be at least a minute away from your classroom.  Your union leaders know this too.  So why do they make it a contract that you remain helpless while in school? 

The danger you face is an unexpected, immediate danger, one that will be on you in the blink of an eye.  It caught the Columbine teachers, the Amish School teachers, the Virginia Tech teachers, and the Sandy Hook teachers off guard, and they and their students paid a very high price for being unprepared.  To help you see how fast this danger can come down on you, we have  written a short story -->   click here.   And after you read it and watch the video,  then start working to remove such deadly and misguided language from your union contract, if such exists.  Or this could be your fate.

Sorry folks, the link that was posted at the end of that last paragraph has been blocked by youtube as some kind of expression of their virture postureing.  You are no longer allowed to see the images of the children after a school shooting.  You are no longer allowed to see the grieving parents, the destroyed school building, the crying siblings.  Youtube will not let you see any images that might move you to better protect you children by supporting armed teachers.  Welcome to 1984 in 2018, when narrow minded, intolerant, selfrighteous people control your freedom to know and to feel.


Translation: We are trapped!  No one can do anything!  No one has a weapon!  They are coming!  Run! Hide!   Hopeless.

Safe Schools Now - Arming America's Teachers
A "must read" for every parent, teacher, and school board member!
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