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Security cameras do not make the kids safer, but their presence will allow for gruesome videos on the evening news after the kids are slaughtered. The news media folks love these dark videos because they increase the number of viewers and revenue. 

outline and Table of Contents of
Safe Schools Now

Chapter 1 - The Legacy of Gun-free Schools

This chapter reveals the horror of the "gun free" school and how it is killing our children.  It also acquaints the reader with the history of school shootings, which happen far more often than most of us know.

Chapter 2 - The Killer in the Gun-free School

This chapter is a chilling, fictional short story that allows the reader into the mind of a troubled youth who is bent on committing suicide-by-cop, and taking many of his classmates with him.  You will not understand the horror our kids and their teachers go through until you read this. As you read this story, focus on the absolute helplessness and hopelessness of the children and the adults that supervise and try to protect them.  The freedom and power our laws give the insane gunman should make your blood  boil.

Chapter 3 - The World Has Changed 

This chapter argues that the world is no longer the Ozzie and Harriot  or Father Knows Best world of the 1950s, and that to protect our school children we must first embrace the fact that our kids really are in peril every day at school.

Chapter 4 - Solutions That Will Not Work

This chapter explains why some of the most common solutions about how to handle school mass murders are wrong and will not work. Ideas examined include this common fallacy; we have police to protect the school children. That is what they are hired to do. Isn't arming teachers unnecessary?

Chapter 5 - Terrorists in the Gun-free School 

There is a danger to our schools that no one is considering.  This chapter is another fictional short story that provides compelling reasons to train and arm all school staff.  The idea behind this story is based on an actual incident you probably have never heard of.

Chapter 6 - Nature and History Speak

It is interesting that both nature and history, from Bees to the Bible, clearly tell us how best to protect our children in school.  The key to school safety is good people in the right place with the proper training and tools.  

Chapter 7 -  What an Armed School Will Look Like

Okay, so maybe arming the teachers is not a bad idea, but what about all those guns loose in a school with children?  Isn't that undesirable?  This chapter will answer that question.

You will see two versions of what an armed school will look like, and how it will operate when a murderer begins shooting.

Chapter 8 - Arguments against Arming our Teachers

"Many teachers know nothing about guns." This is one of the many arguments against arming teachers.  In this chapter these arguments are discussed and shown to be superficial or not reasonable.

Chapter 9 - Arguments for Armed Teachers

"The children are much safer," is one of the arguments for arming teachers.  Many such arguments are discussed in this chapter and make the point that we really do need armed teachers in every classroom.

Chapter 10 - What a Difference Armed Teachers Make

The two fictional short stories are repeated so that we can see what a difference an armed school makes. This time around our fictional bad guys attack the children in schools where the teachers are armed and trained.  You will be amazed at the difference this makes.

Chapter 11 - Issues to Think About

There are other issues associated with arming teachers that you will want to think about. Here is a list of some of those ideas discussed in "Safe Schools Now".

  • Preparation of your children.
  • Overwhelming the murderer and taking him down.
  • Protection and escape.
  • Training teachers and staff
  • The reaction of people to the sound of gunfire.
  • and more.

Chapter 12 - How You Can Help

Our teachers will be armed someday. It is only a matter of time, and the amount of blood spilled by our children, before this is accomplished.  This chapter suggests ways that each of us can help this national effort to give our teachers the tools they need to protect their students from a mass murderer.

There is much work to do.  Arming public school teachers may seem to be an extreme action.  There is something in each of us that protests against this step.  Has it really come to this; that we have to give our teachers a weapon to assure the safety of our children in their classrooms?  After all, we have never had to do this before.

Appendix  A:   List of School Massacres

This is a tabulation of school shootings.  It is not complete, but represents those shootings, where five or more people were killed or wounded, that can be found quickly on the internet using a search.