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What is "Armed American Teachers"?

Armed American Teachers (AAT) is an organization dedicated  to changing hearts, minds, and laws to allow teachers in public and private schools to carry weapons to protect the students.  The genesis of this organization is revealed in it's motto.

"Remember Sandy Hook!"  

It is our belief that we Americans should never again have another school mass murder.  Laws should have been changed and teachers armed and prepared after the horrible Columbine massacre.  Had our legislators acted promptly and responsibly, the children that died at Sandy Hook and other subsequent school murderous rampages would still be alive.  The solution to the school mass murders is outlined in the book "Safe Schools Now - Arming American Teachers".


Federal and State laws will be changed and  school staff across the nation will be  trained and armed such that never again will another Columbine, Virginia Tech, Amish School, or Sandy Hook Elementary type massacre occur in a school on American soil.

To this end, a book has been written and this website created to propagate the truth that we can protect the children. We encourage you to join and support this important effort.

Safe Schools Now - Arming America's Teachers
A "must read" for every parent, teacher, and school board member!
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