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About Us
Every Teacher and school Staff Member should be armed. Click here to learn why.
She is armed and trained, and her children are much safer.

How did this site come into existence?

This website was born out of a desire to provide safety for the children in public and private schools.  Watching the police respond to school shootings like the one at Columbine High School was painful.  Hearing of the systematic murder of grade school girls at the Amish school was gut wrenching. And then the killings at Sandy Hook, demonstrating the depths of wicked depravity that human beings can descend into. These acts of senseless violence were unimaginably difficult to process.  On top of this, the idea that laws meant to protect our children work just the opposite, preventing self-defense in our schools, filled the author with resolve to do something about the innocent lives that are placed in peril every day. 

Incidents such as the Sandy Hook murders caused the author to examine various methods of protecting our school children.  The writing of the book Safe
Schools Now began in earnest when the author saw the huge amount of misinformation and falsehoods bandied-about by politicians and the news media when discussing these school massacres. When the Democratic Party, led by our President, began pushing for laws that remove self-defense weapons from law abiding citizens, but which do not in any way empower the teachers, it became obvious that no one was really changing anything that would actually protect the children. Shamefully, it appears that the Democratic party is using the tragic killing of grade school children to push forward their long held desire to disarm the American people. 

In contrast to what the politicians and the news media propagate, the author's studies in preparation for completing the book "Safe Schools Now" led him to the key ideas behind Real Protection.  (see Real Protection) Real protection will actually protect the teachers and students, and probably stop most school mass killings from even beginning.

This website was created as a means of getting information about the Safe Schools Now book out to as many people as possible.

The laws preventing teacher self-defense must change. It is the author's hope that the ideas presented in his book and on this website will prod good folks all across this nation to rise up and demand that their legislators revise the laws to allow "good guns" in school, so that teachers can be trained and allowed carry the tools they need to stop a killer

Until this happens in your community, the children remain in grave peril.