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In Safe Schools the Teachers are the First Responders

Teachers, imagine this.  

You are teaching a class of 28 students one pleasant afternoon when suddenly three very large men walk into your classroom carrying assault weapons.  They are all dressed in black and have ski masks pulled down over their heads. You cannot see any of their features except their stone-cold eyes.  

Your class, which has been happily chatting while engaged in a project you have given them, is suddenly silent.  No one moves.

The first man is carrying a machete, the second man has what looks like a large steak knife in his hand, and the third guy is holding a sword. There is something red on each of these sharp blades, and you instantly believe it is blood. There are the sounds of yelling and screams for someone to call an ambulance coming from the hall outside your classroom.

The first man says "We are the angels of death. We hate schools."

The second man says "We hate teachers."

The third man says "We have come to kill all the children."

What would you do?  

Your mind races.  This is insanity.  This really can't be happening.  Things like this don't really happen, do they?

The three men slowly spread out, brandishing their weapons, obviously relishing the fear they see. Students in the front rows are up now and scrambling to the back of the room, but there is no escape.

Your mind is saying I don't  want to die

What would you do?

You think about your cell phone and calling 911, but you know the police cannot arrive in time to stop these guys.  You yell "Get out of my classroom!" with all the anger you can muster.

The three men laugh, deep, disturbed laughs, and then the one with the steak knife starts towards you saying "I'll do the teach. You guys get the kids."

Tell me what you would do.

 Do not hesitate. 

You need to act NOW!

 Protect your students!

Protect yourself!

Now!  Now!  Now!

We will stop this imaginary scenario at this point because I want to show you what you could do if the laws were changed and teachers were armed.
I want you to go to a short YouTube video and watch a young lady practicing for an IDPA competition  (International Defensive Pistol Competition). The man with her will give her a beep each time she is to start.  

As you watch, imagine that you are her, that the shooting range is your classroom, and that the beep is the instant the three thugs walk uninvited into your classroom and declare their intent to kill. She confronts three targets (the three evil guys with sharp weapons).

Now watch this video and then read below.  (Turn the sound up loud so that you can hear what the man is saying to her. The video is HD, so go to full screen for full effect.)

If you were this teacher, and the law allowed you to carry a concealed weapon in your classroom, you would have totally stopped these three killers within 3.66 seconds. None of the students would have been hurt.

This is exactly why all teachers need to be armed and have the power to protect themselves and the children.  Teachers and staff are the FIRST RESPONDERS, and as first responders you must be ready.

 Had this actually happened

1.  The police would have given you a handshake and a thank you.

 2.  The unharmed kids would have something to talk about all year.

3.   The parents of the children would have been overjoyed to learn that a teacher had saved their child's life.

And you would still be alive.

Note  1. The response to these three killers has to be lightning fast.  There is no time to call for help, there is no time for a Safety Resource Officer or armed guard to reach your room,  and there is no time to unlock a gun safe in the classroom.  This is why concealed carry is the preferred method for storing a defensive weapon in the classroom.

Note  2.  You cannot do what you just saw the young lady do because certain politicians, protected by guards with guns, believe you are not professional and mature enough to carry a weapon in school.  They prohibit you from having a weapon in order to "protect the children from the gun you could carry".  If you think about it, you will realized that the blood of the Sandy Hook children, the Robb Elementary School Children, and teachers rests as much on these politician's hands as it does on the deranged murderer that struck the school.  Even to this day they would rather you die than defend yourself.  A change is needed.

One final thought.  There are some that say that a gun owned by a citizen should not hold more than five bullets, but in terms of self-protection and protection of the children, this is nonsense.  What if the teacher in our imaginary scenario had only five bullets? There is no guarantee that one shot will stop an aggressive killer.  If she shoots the first two bad guys with two bullets each, and misses the third guy, or only wounds him, then what can she do?  Nothing.  She dies a painful, bloody death, and then the man kills the kids. It would far better for her to have a pistol holding as many rounds as possible, 16 is common, and let her decide how many she needs.  Then if she shoots nine shots to be sure the three criminals can harm no one, then that is okay.  She has some ammunition left over in case a forth thug is just outside the classroom standing guard.

So never fall for the ridiculous idea of limiting protection of the kids for some political air-head's idea about what's safe and what's not safe.  The number of bullets does not determine how safe a gun is.  It is the quality of the person with the weapon, and their training, that determines safety.

Armed teachers will be well trained and will be as safe as the policemen you see in the mall with their guns, and you can trust that the mall cops have more than five bullets in their weapons.

FYI:  The lady in the video is Ericka.  You can watch her at the IDPA competition (turn sound up so you can hear what the Range Master says.)  
Note that the small device the man holds not only beeps; it listens to her shots, counts them, and times them as part of the scoring. Targets with two black hands up are "no shoots."  The competitor gets points taken off if they hit these.

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