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An invisible ankle holster like this with  a small caliber pistol could have saved many of those children at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
An excerpt from Safe Schools Now
Imagine you are sitting in your office at work when you hear: “There is a killer loose in the high school!”  You recognize the excited voice as a coworker, and that it is coming from the break room.  At first you don’t believe him.  Caution says that he has been known to pull a prank every now and then, but before you can get angry at him for his poor choice of a joke, you hear your boss Glenda cry out: “Oh my God!  Oh my God!” and your blood turns cold with fear. 
     With heart racing, you run to the break room, a sense of dread propelling you to join the others gathering in front of the TV.  All you can think of is your 15-year-old daughter, Penny, who was alive and well when you saw her off to school this morning.
     You absorb every word, your heart in your throat, your mind filled with images of terrified children bloodied and dying, lying helpless on the floor, crying for help that cannot come while the killer remains nearby. Your fears are reinforced as you see high-definition live coverage from a news helicopter. Children are running from one part of the school, hands over their heads, and scores of police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, and state patrol vehicles are parked well back from the school. News mobile units are setting up their tall antennas, and bloodied bodies are being carried out of the school’s front entrance through a phalanx of heavily armed policemen in bullet-proof vests."

This is the way Safe Schools Now begins, placing you right into that horrible situation that no parent wants to be in.  It is a scene we see too often live on television.  Safe Schools Now opens up the hidden world of school murders and reveals that they occur more often than you think.  Read this book.  It will open your eyes and impel you to do something to correct the fact that your children are not safe in our schools.

Early morning outside your school.
What will you do?

Another excerpt. This one is from Chapter 5

The Terrorist Team in the Gun-free School
     Saria entered the blacked-out room as if on cat’s quiet feet, and walked up to the four men sitting cross-legged on the floor around a single candle. She could feel their eyes on her as she gracefully sat down into the gap they had left for her.
     They were all fixated on the candle now, paying her no mind, so she looked at them one by one. There was Chez just to her left, stocky, very strong, with swarthy skin and dark eyes, sitting cross-legged with his arms on his knees, hands clasped as if in prayer. She could see why many people who met him thought of him as Mexican, and knew that his eastern European accent would dispel any notion of him having Hispanic heritage the moment he opened his mouth.
     To her right sat Rabid, taller and dark, his countenance formed in a chiseled, mean face, slightly sunken and scared cheeks, a scruffy beard, and short cut hair. The others had told her that Rabid had killed several people by knife, and that he enjoyed such killing. “Rabid the blade” they called him. A cold chill ran down her back.  Rabid is the only one who scares me. The thought was there and then gone in an instant. Why do I fear him? He is my brother at arms. She could just make out the knife he held covertly in his lap, his long fingers turning it over and over again. He is always caressing that knife. Perhaps it is the knife that scares me.
     To Rabid’s right her eyes fell on Logan, the American with the boyish face and perfect teeth. He was petting Chez’s cat in his lap and staring with glassy, dark eyes at the candlelight flickering before them, looking like a malevolent, dark cherub. At one time she thought he was a bit crazy, and at another time she thought they ought not to trust him, but Abaid had chosen this soldier and Saria had, after hearing Logan speak about his devotion to their cause, come to believe that Abaid had chosen well. I wonder if he will lose that boyish look after he makes his first kill. Or will he break?
     At last her eyes fell on Abaid.

• • •

The teacher appeared to be in shock, but managed to say, “Everybody stand up.”  She pointed at the door, her eyes fixed on the pistol pointed at her.  Gunshots could be heard farther down the hallway where Chez and Rabid had gone.  “Out in the hall and down to the gym,” the teacher said while pointing to the classroom door.  The wide-eyed children were soon in the hallway and moving down it.  More gunshots at the far end of the building echoed up the hallways.
     She could see other classrooms emptying into the hallway.
     “Faster, move faster,” Chez yelled, waiving his gun over the crowd.
At precisely 9:30 Logan entered the front office.  He held a 9mm and could hear Abaid right behind him. He spotted the school resource officer standing inside talking with a lady behind a counter. Probably the school secretary.  The instant the officer turned to look toward them he shot him in the head, and then shot the lady in the chest. They quickly made the rounds of the adjoining offices and killed everyone they found. Logan thought one might be the school nurse by the uniform she was wearing. The other they found in an office marked “Counselor.”
In the final office they caught the principal on the phone and killed him with three shots to the chest.
     “I didn’t see the vice principal,” Logan said as they reentered the hall.
     “Maybe he’s out sick today.  Keep your eyes open,” Abaid said.
     “Well, if he is here, he’s unarmed!” Logan said with a kind of childish glee.
     “Alright, let’s start down the hall.  I have this side; you roust them out of the other.”
     He could hear the commotion that Saria, Chez, and Rabid were making at the far end of the school.   • • •