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A teacher who is unable to defend themselves against an attacker will be unable to defend the children.

Are you wavering in your support for arming teachers?

If you are wavering in your support of armed teachers, remember Columbine, Robb, and Sandy Hook, and consider the following scenarios, A and B. Which one do you prefer?
A. Students cowering in front of a murderer while being shot to death one by one, those not yet dead lying where they fell, their life-blood flowing out of torn tissue, splintered bones, and damaged organs, their trembling voices calling for their mothers with terrified, gasping breaths, confused and afraid, and medical help can’t reach them.
B. Students protected by their teacher, an armed and trained professional, who is able to take control away from the perpetrator within seconds, stopping the killing and then speeding medical help to those the killer has hurt.
If you prefer the second scenario, then you owe it to your children, and the children of others, to get behind this national effort to arm our American educators and school staff. The bottom line is that all of our teachers will be armed someday. It is only a matter of time and how much killing of children we American citizens can tolerate before we say, “Enough is enough!”    Safe Schools Now will give you many ideas about actions you can take to support arming teachers.  We need to change minds, hearts, and laws until our children can attend school in safety.
A killer is coming
to your school.

Is your school staff
ready for him?