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How many bullets should a teacher be allowed to have in her gun in the school?

There are some that say the gun should not hold more than five bullets, but in terms of teacher self-protection and protection of the children, this is nonsense.  What if the teacher had to stop two or three evil killers and only had five bullets? There is no gurantee that one shot, or even two, will stop an agressive killer.  If the teacher shoots the first bad guy with two bullets and only wounds him, he or she will need more shots.  And then there is the second evil killer. Can he be stopped with two bullets?  If the defending teacher misses him, or only wounds him, then what can he or she do?  Nothing.  The well meaning teacher dies a painful, bloody death, and then the man kills all the students.

This is not a game, played in the minds of the progressive elite in the liberal halls of congress, where they can propose limiting guns to five bullets while they sit protected by armed guards.  This is life and death down home.   (Do you suppose the Capitol guards only have five bullets in their guns?)

It would far better for a teacher to have a pistol holding as many rounds as possible, 16 would be good, and then if she shoots the first killer twice but only wounds him, she can strike him again.   If she misses the second guy, she has some ammunition left over to hit him again, or in case a third murderer is just outside the classroom acting as a watchdog.

So never fall for the ridiculous idea of limiting protection for our teachers and their students at the whim of some political air-head's idea about what's safe and what's not safe.  The number of bullets does not determine how safe a gun is.  It is the quality of the person holding the weapon and their training that determines safety.  Teachers will be well trained and will be as safe as the policemen you see in the mall with their guns, and you can trust that they have far more than five bullets in their weapons.

Safe Schools Now - Arming America's Teachers
A "must read" for every parent, teacher, and school board member!
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