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A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Have you noticed that our right to keep and bear arms is being infringed?

Thomas Jefferson did not just write that our right to keep and bear arms cannot be "totally taken away from the American people", he used the word "infringe" on purpose.  To "infringe" means to intrude gradually or stealthily, it means to encroach upon, interfere with, and trespass upon. This is exactly what the Democratic Party leadership and liberal republicans are doing, and it is in direct violation of the US constitution they have sworn to uphold.  

What do you call a person who purposefully works against the United States Constitution in violation of their oath of office? What should be their consequences for this behavior?

Marines Murdered
 in gun free zone

The photo below shows what comes of gun free zones.   The Marine's killed here obeyed the law.  The murderer did not.

The gunman who shot and killed four Marines during two attacks at military facilities in Chattanooga, Tenn., has been identified as Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez.  Abdulazeez, 24, was born in Kuwait. This was treated as an act of domestic terrorism.

Why do we still have these terrible laws that make our schools "gun-free"shooting galleries for evil people?

Let us draw an analogy to help explain the persistence of "gun free" zone laws. Suppose we pass a national law that makes it illegal for any policeman to carry a gun. Those of the progressive liberal political persuasion exclaim all over NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN that our country will now be safer! No guns in our malls, no guns in patrol cars, no guns on the street.  Accidental shootings by police will cease, and each police department will save all the money that would have gone for weapons and weapon training.  

After some time passes we notice that the police are having trouble controlling crime.  Criminals are shooting at them, robbing and looting with abandon, and raping any women they can catch.  All they have to do is get a gang together that outnumbers the unarmed police and they can do as they please.  

One day there is a massacre at a mall where thirty-five shoppers are beat-up by a criminal gang, many women are raped, and several are kidnapped. All this is on the nightly news in high definition blood and gore. The news programs spend all day covering this, and even have special graphic titles made up to accentuate their coverage.  "MASSACRE IN THE MALL", and "TERROR AT TOWNE CENTRE", and "BLOODY DAY AT FASHION PLAZA" flash into every American's living room all day for three days, and five of the beat-up shoppers subsequently die.

Immediately citizens clamor for their government officials to "do something" about this rampage of violent criminal activity in our malls, and like good Americans, our leaders gather in statehouses across the nation, quickly draft new legislation, and pass it in time for the evening news to report it to the anxious public.  

Here are the new laws they pass, just like they did when the Sandy Hook school shootings happened.

1.  No firearm can have a magazine that holds more than 9 bullets.

2. Citizens may not buy more than 2 AR-15 rifles per month.

3.  Any citizen having a rifle that has a flash suppressor or folding stock will be a felon if they do not remove those features within a year.

4.  Citizens must register to buy ammunition, and in some states the amount a citizen can buy is limited.

5.  In one state, magazines with removable back plates are forbidden, instantly making 80% of all handguns owned by that state's citizens illegal.

6.  All assault weapons are banned (although assault is not defined).

7.  Weapons that "look like" a military guns are outlawed.

8.  People who have ever been to see a mental health counselor, such as for the stress of divorce, or for depression, are forbidden to own a gun.

9.  The Department of Homeland Security is ordered to keep a closer watch on any conservative organization with the words "tea party" in its name.

Note that none of these laws make malls safer, since the police are still disarmed.

The news media states over and over again what wonderful progress is being made,  yet several months later there is another massacre at a mall. The hoods line up the men and shoot each in the back of the head, and then spend hours making YouTube videos of what they do to the women and girls, until finally the national guard is called in to help the greatly outnumbered, unarmed police.

 The outcry is tremendous, the public demands that mall shoppers be able to shop in safety, the news media outlets puff any story about how bad guns are,  trying to goad someone into action, and so the progressive liberal lawmakers get to work writing new laws.  After all, as one of their leaders clearly said, "why waste a good crisis" when it can be used to further their hidden agenda.  The new laws the legislators draft say...

10. Citizens may only possess magazines that hold five or fewer rounds.

11.  There should be a universal background check of all gun sales among law abiding citizens.

12.  Gun shows are prohibited in some states.

13.  Family members may no longer give guns to other family members.

14.  An additional list of prohibited attachments and accessories to guns is issued with stern penalties.

15. The US representative to the United Nations is ordered to vote "yes" for the USA on the international treaty to restrict gun sales.  He does, it passes, and unable to get enough votes in the US Senate to ratify this treaty, the treaty is shelved to wait until they can be assured of having enough votes for it to pass.

Please note that none of the shopping malls are any safer because the police are still helpless and unarmed.

 The men passing these laws pat each other on the back for a job well done.  And then after some time passes, another mall massacre occurs, and new restrictions are placed on good citizens. Wouldn't you expect that someone in the news media would eventually discover that the laws the government is making do nothing to stop the killers?   Our factual observations indicate that if we really want to protect citizens at the mall, we need to give our police officers the power to control the bad guys; i.e., give them guns. 

You know that this analogy is really talking about schools not malls, and teachers not policemen.  Since it is patently obvious that passing more laws restricting law abiding citizens from having guns, while keeping teachers disarmed, is not stopping the massacres, you would think that our progressive liberal leaders would recognize this and start passing laws to allow arming the teachers.  But they do not.  Isn't that a bit odd?  These are not dumb people. Kind of makes your head spin, and makes you think that something else must be going on here.

And that is the point of this story; there is something else going on here, and it is evil.The laws being passed are not designed to protect the children, they are designed and intended to use each subsequent school shooting to increase the restrictions on the ownership of guns by American citizens.
Perhaps our progressive liberal politicians take no true corrective action because they need more school shootings to further their goal of disarming the public We know that this is their intent because their leaders have clearly articulated these goals. 

Isn't it time for this to stop?

And now you know why the laws which allow school shootings remain on the books.  It doesn’t have to be this way. Vote, write, and organize.  We can still change these laws, but to do so, we must use the political process to change the leadership in Washington DC, and in each state where citizens' 2nd Amendment rights are being systematically, slowly, infringed on and destroyed.