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Injured in an act of terror at a school
A grief stricken  father carries his wounded daughter from a school attacked by terrorists.

Could you take a human life?

To do serious bodily harm or take the life of another human being is not to be taken lightly.  None of us want to be involved in such extreme action.

It is a fact that there are some who enjoy killing children, and this should call us to resolve: If someone enters my school and threatens or begins doing great bodily harm to my students, I cannot run away, I cannot chose to do nothing, I must take action to stop this evil person. I must also protect my own life.  

Cowardice and inaction are
not options when children are being murdered right before your eyes.

Shouldn't we try to talk the murderer out of further killing?  This might be an attractive idea if the evil/troubled individual has not yet harmed anyone; especially if he is a student you know and have some relational connection with.  But keep in mind that the moment he came on school property with his saber, gun, machete, or pipe bomb he was already looking at substantial jail time... and he knows it.  You may be talking to a determined suicide with the intent of taking others with him.  

You want to be nice,
but your first duty is to protect your students, not to be nice.

 If the perpetrator opens fire and kills little Betty Johnson in the front row of your class room while you are explaining to him that what he is doing is wrong (he already knows what he is doing is wrong), what are you going to say to her parents?  "Sorry Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, I was trying to be nice to the killer.  Besides, I really don't believe in killing".  

Here is another perspective.  People trained in the handling of firearms know that one of the rules is that you never point the weapon at anything that you do not intend to shoot. We also know that one shot can be deadly.  So when the perpetrator walks into your classroom and points his gun at you or your students, he has in fact already decided that someone is going to die.  As an unarmed teacher there is nothing you can do at this point except what one of the very brave Sandy Hook teachers did - stand between the gunman and the children!  He will shoot you just as happened to the teacher at Sandy Hook, and when you lie all broken up inside and bleeding to death on the floor he will then have complete freedom to begin methodically killing all of your students, one at a time.

So who will die?

Will it be little Betty Johnson on the front row of your classroom, at the hand of the gunman?  

Will it be Freddy Smith on the back row near the windows, at the hand of the gunman?

Will it be you, at the hand of this murderer standing before you?

Or will it be the insane, evil, troubled individual who trespassed into your classroom to kill as many kids as he can before committing suicide?  

As an armed teacher, 
you will have the option
of deciding who will live.

This ability to choose who will live, this ability to control your own classroom for the safety of your students, is what being an Armed American Teacher is about.

Be clear that this issue is not about you, about whether or not you can take a life, or about how bad you might feel if you kill someone.  This issue is about keeping your students safe from harm.

So rather than thinking "I am not sure I could kill a bad guy", try this thought. "My students are human beings too, who have a right to life and their future, and I am certain I can take any action necessary to protect them.  I just need to make sure I have the training and tools necessary."

For further reading, the author recommends you read Could You Really?    and   Does an Attacker Deserve to Die?   compliments of .   Blessings to Kathy Jackson for this wonderful and informative website!

A weapon in your hand could prevent something like this happening at your school.  This boy, and over 300 other children, were killed, burned, and mutilated in a terrorist takeover of a school.