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Concealed Carry in the Classroom is Easy to do.

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Here are some thoughts on how to reduce costs.
1.   There are two basic costs involved with making a school safe from insane murders and terrorists.  One is the cost of the equipment: weapons, lock boxes, holsters, vests, arm bands, ammunition, etc. depending on how weapons are stored or carried in the school, cleaning kits, and other material items.  The second is the cost of man-hours expended by employees during their weapons-related in-service training, which may include range fees, targets, and instructor fees.
2.   The lock box method of storing the weapons (discussed in Safe Schools Now)will be more expensive than concealed carry by personnel due to the cost of the boxes and their permanent installation.  Choices will vary that cost. For example, will key or combination locks be used, and if combination, will they be digital touch access, mechanical touch access, or a simple combination padlock?  Some digital lock boxes may even require batteries that must be maintained.
3.   Concealed carry will generally be less expensive for the school district, since obtaining a concealed carry permit, training, and ownership of a weapon can be made prerequisites to employment. In that case, the school system will only need to provide in-service training, periodic range training, and school defense tactical training with police and/or other self-defense experts. 

It is quite possible that there will be local NRA certified instructors who will volunteer help with training school staff. 

Weapon Carry Options
 for Teachers and Staff

For teachers and school staff who want to understand all of their options, consider the following.

Weapons can be stored in lockboxes (safes) or carried by qualified, trained personnel.  The book Safe Schools Now discusses the pros and cons of these two methods.  Because there are some major flaws with the lockbox method of storing weapons in the classroom, the author recommends concealed carry as the superior method. (For a quick example why storing a weapon in a lock box in the classroom does not allow fast enough access, read imagine this.)

Carrying a concealed weapon and finding the right holster can be challenging. There are many types of holsters available and it may be necessary to own several that work with many different clothing options.  Carrying in your purse is not a good idea in a school, since the weapon must be under your control at all times. Plan to wear it in and wear it back out of the school facility each day.

Watch the following videos for a good look at what is available.

The Flashbang Bra Holster Video

Invisible protection - this would have saved many lives at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Crossbreed Mini Tuck 


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The Betty Holster and other videos

 Video with The Well Armed Woman's Carrie Lightfoot.
The Thigh Holster Video

This video contains information about the thigh holster that Terry at Clament Custom Leather makes. He can be contacted at OR 1-702-415-0208.  
To visit the website, click here
The Ankle Hoster video.

In this video the Galco ankle holster is reviewed.  Since the weapon must remain concealed at all times in your classroom, this holster is suitable for pants only.

The Remora No-clip

IWB Holster Video

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Additional methods of concealed carry...

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